Free Weekly Group Calls with Lisa

Good Birth Conversation

Bring all your questions around your pregnancy and birth, hear everyone else’s questions, share information and get support, minus the judgment and overwhelm. Doesn’t that sound so good?

Call in and let’s talk. Free of charge.

Tuesday evenings, 7-8 pm EST

Good Baby Conversation

Come get help with every big and little thing once you’ve had your baby. Join in conversation with other new (and sleep deprived) moms without having to leave home or get out of your pajamas!

Get invaluable strategies around sleeping, feeding and taking care of your new baby. Here you’ll find a judgment- and competition-free place to get support, feel less isolated and have the opportunity to get real about motherhood, parenting, partnering and life.

Let’s figure it out together. Free of charge.

Tuesday afternoons, 1-2 pm EST