Local Birth Classes – Vermont

Do something extraordinary for yourselves.
Take a completely customized birth class with a small group of other first-time parents. Learn how to apply your expertise about you to the process of having your baby so you can have a birth experience that fits you rather than fitting yourself into the experience.
Bring your dinner and eat while we work!

We meet in Burlington or at the beautiful All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne.

“What month in pregnancy should we take Good Birth Class?”
I figure the sooner you start learning about the birth process, the sooner you can start discussing what comes up for you with your care providers, get clear around what you need and how to best set yourselves up to have that in place.

Topics include:

  • Creating your Collaborative Birth Team: who do you want with you for support at your birth?
  • How birth works, recognizing labor, what to do at home in early labor and when to leave for the hospital or birth center
  • Creating a customized list of what to bring for your physical and emotional comfort
  • Laboring in a way that works for you, even when things don’t happen the way you envisioned
  • Customizing strategies for labor (positions, breathing, relaxation and rituals) based on what you already do in your everyday life
  • Pain Medication: your expectations, your fears and choosing medication based on what’s going on in your labor and what you need the medication to do
  • Cesarean Birth: why it happens, avoiding an unnecessary Cesarean and Gentle (Family Centered) Cesarean
  • You and baby just after delivery


$200 for two people

    June 5, 12, 19, 26