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Virtual Doula Support

Pregnancy and Newborn Parent
Virtual Doula Support 24/7

Have me on speed dial, text, chat and email, 24/7, for information, strategies and support throughout your pregnancy, during your birth and at home with your new baby.

First thing we do is spend some time together. Sign up for a 20 minute (free) call. I want to hear about you; what’s going on for you right now, what do you think you need (or worry you don’t know you need)? You can learn about what I do, and come away already having more clarity and feeling more secure.

Take a deep breath…and let it go. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Now you’ve got help.

Sign up for a number of hours – from a one hour session to a group of hours off of which we work (like EZ Pass). We schedule coaching sessions as you need them. You email, text and/or call me (smoke signals work too) with any questions or concerns whenever they come up. I reach out to touch base and follow up in between.

You add hours as you need them.

Coaching hours can be used throughout your pregnancy, your birth and after you’ve had your baby.


“Guess who slept through the night last night?

You have the magic touch…or rather, the best instincts.

Thank you so much — for strategizing with me, for giving me the permission I needed to try it another way.” Jen Z.B.

“During that difficult time at home with our newborn, Lisa made herself available during all hours and was always there to answer questions or refer us to resources that could be of assistance to us.  In her own discerning way, she played the roles of mother, sister, lactation consultant, and therapist.

I only wish all mothers could have someone like Lisa to help them figure it all out.” Sandy S.