When I started supporting expectant parents forty years ago, the term “Doula” didn’t exist. I called what I did “Professional Labor Support” and people thought I worked for the Unions. Now doula is a household word, like Kleenex, and I’ve gone and changed it up to Virtual Doula; supporting you from pregnancy through newborn parenthood, virtually, by phone, text, email and video chat.

I’m here 24/7 to help you with everything from conceiving to contractions to convincing the baby it’s time to sleep (please, dear God).

My focus isn’t on all the information that’s out there or what’s “best”. My focus is on what you already know about yourself so you can get clear about what’s best for you.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child – and if you have Lisa Gould Rubin in your virtual village, you’ll be the luckiest parents in town.”
Josh & Sarah.

I am here to really listen throughout your pregnancy, around your birth and taking care of your new baby so I can help you get to the only voice that really matters….yours.

I want for you what you want for yourself.
Let’s find out what that is!


Some things about me…
~40 years of experience
~DONA Certified Doula
~Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator
~Co-Author of The Birth That’s Right For you
~Danced professionally in my first career
~Mom/me of three wondrously grown daughters and grandmom/me of five (at last count!)
~Live with my beloved husband in VT near Burlington for craft beer and coffee
~ Knitter and lover of sheep

Virtual Doula, Pregnancy & Newborn Parent Support
Co-author of The Birth That’s Right For You
Creator of The Footprint Kit