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Need help sifting through all the conflicting information and advice out there AND the voices in your own head so you can have the birth and newborn parent experience that’s right for you?

Have me, a childbirth educator, labor and postpartum doula with 40 years of experience, on speed dial, text, chat and email, 24/7. Get the information, resources, strategies and support you need, virtually, whenever you need it; throughout your pregnancy, during your birth and at home with your new baby.

Sign up below and let’s talk (for free, of course. You need to try on whether my help is helpful!). When we hang up, you’ll have more clarity, a plan and confidence in your own instincts.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.  I’m here to help.


“Guess who slept through the night last night?

You have the magic touch…or rather, the best instincts.

Thank you so much — for strategizing with me, for giving me the permission I needed to try it another way.” Jen Z.B.

“During that difficult time at home with our newborn, Lisa made herself available during all hours and was always there to answer questions or refer us to resources that could be of assistance to us.  In her own discerning way, she played the roles of mother, sister, lactation consultant, and therapist.

I only wish all mothers could have someone like Lisa to help them figure it all out.” Sandy S.