Online Birth Classes 2024

Online Birth Classes with Lisa Gould Rubin CD, CCE

Good Birth Class can be the difference between a birth experience you feel really good about or, an experience you just get through.

In addition to the obvious goal of a healthy mother and a healthy baby, a good birth also includes a healthy experience.  You come away feeling good about yourself, your partner and your birth, even if things didn’t go the way you thought they would.

A good birth experience starts with you. Taking a look at what you know about your expectations, your fears, your needs and your own coping strategies.  You’ll learn about evidence-based birth, your options and how to advocate for yourselves with your team.  This all leads to an experience that fits you, rather than fitting yourself into some version of an institutional experience. 

Together  with a small group of other first-time parents,  you’ll get clear about what you need to have the birth that is just right for you!  Take a look below for more details on all that we cover.

We meet on Zoom over four evenings from 6-8pm.  You can wear what you want, eat while we work, let your dog out, meet my dogs  (Baloo & Keeper) and use your own bathroom.

Sounds pretty great, right?

“What month in pregnancy should we start Good Birth Class?”

I figure the sooner you start learning about the birth process, the sooner you can start discussing what comes up for you with your care providers, get clear around what you need and how to set yourselves up to have that in place.

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Topics include:

  • Creating your Collaborative Birth Team: who do you want with you for support at your birth?
  • How birth works, recognizing labor, what to do at home in early labor and when to leave for the hospital or birth center
  • Understanding Informed Consent and advocating for what you need
  • Laboring in a way that works for you, even when things don’t happen the way you envisioned
  • Customizing strategies for labor (positions, breathing, relaxation and rituals) based on what you already do in your everyday life
  • Pain Medication: your expectations, your fears, choosing the medication/s and dose that’s right for you (not just what you’d be given) based on what’s going on in your labor and what you need the medication to do
  • Laboring in bed with an epidural as though you don’t have one to keep your labor moving forward
  • Cesarean Birth: why it happens, avoiding an unnecessary Cesarean and Family Centered Cesarean
  • You and baby just after delivery

We meet over 4 sessions on Tuesday evenings,        6:00-8:00 pm.  $350/ two participants.** 

January 2/9/16/23

Feb 6/13/20/27

March 7/14/21/28

April 2/9/16/23

May 7/14/21/28

June 4/11/18/25

July 2/9/16/23

August 6/13/20/27

Sept 3/10/17/24

October 1/8/15/22

November 5/12/19/26

December 3/10/17/19 (*Thurs)

Sign up below! Please include your due date and your desired class dates in the message section. Payable by Venmo: @Lisa-Rubin-10 You’ll get a Class Completion Form to submit for insurance reimbursement at the end of your series

**Everyone who wants to take Birth Class gets to. Sliding scale offered.

Please call me with any questions or just to chat! 914.715.2527

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