I don’t know how they do it without her

Although literally billions of women have given birth on this planet, I don’t know how they do it in this modern age without a friend and mentor like Lisa.

With three decades of experience, she is a keeper of a timeless birthing wisdom that is getting lost amongst the pageantry of Western medicine. While the amazing medical advances we have today have saved my life twice during childbirth, they aren’t enough to totally guide you through pregnancy, birth and the crucial postpartum times. It was Lisa who saved my sanity when she helped me find the perfect specialist when my postpartum anxiety needed professional help.

Let’s face it, your obstetrician isn’t going to spend the time most women truly desire to explain and discuss and analyze all the happenings during your pregnancy and afterwards. They simply don’t have time. And they aren’t calling you every day after you give birth to help you with whatever issue is presenting itself…and trust me, there are always issues.

When you bring Lisa onto your team, you will receive expert guidance without judgment and a resource on all facets of pregnancy, birth, and mothering…from epidurals to acupuncture and lactation advice to the best types of bottles. My husband and I will forever be grateful for having Lisa as a part of the creation of our family.

— Deb R.